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Lopke fan,t Hiem achieved a 1e prenium on the breedday Oldeholtpade 17-08-2013.

Hiske fan Feanwalden on the central approval 17-09-2011 in Drachten.

Hiske fan Feanwalden did well at the Central Inspection on September 17, 2011 in Drachten. Hiske ran into a strong section which Hiske fan Feanwalden by fans visited the Champion ring. We hope that the full sister Janke fan Feanwalden matches her sister.

Janke fan Feanwalden 18-08-2011 fokdag Oldeholtpade

The keuring in Oldeholtpade Janke is a fan Feanwalden (447 x Stendert Jasper366) full sister to Hiske Fan Feanwalden, crowns with a first premium. Of the 3 foals that have been a test of Jildou (Jasper 366 x Leffert 306) received two first premium foals, including fan Hiske Feanwalden foal champion in Oldeholtpade keuring was. Willy was a fan Feanwalden olds in 2009 Best of the Day in Finland.

Hiske fan Feanwalden 07-09-2011 keuring Kootwijk

Enter again as a first contribution to the keuring Kootwiijk.
Champion walked again in the ring.
As a breeder we wish the new owner every success in the future.
On March 1, 2011 Janke fan Feanwalden was born, the full sister of Hiske fan Feanwalden.
Janke fan Feanwalden goes on 20/8/2011 in the keuring Oldeholtpade.

Hiske fan Feanwalden


Hiske fan Feanwalden Stendert 447 x Jasper366 was born on 22-03-2010 and won at the fokdag of Oldeholtpade on Friday the 1st premium and on Saturday became a convincing foal champion.

Hiske has a great attitude, beautiful exterior, with remarkably strong hind leg use, unique movements and the character of a winner.

Hiske fan Feanwalden came on the Christmas auction in Marienheem 18dec 2010 and was repulsed in an amount of € 26.500,--

Hiske fan Feanwalden is the third foal from the mother Jildou m.a.

The first foal of Jildou m.a a Fridse423 x Jasper366 is sold as a foal to Finland and was a 2009 olds champion of Finland.

Second foal is a colt x Jasper366 Louis is still in the breeder rearing Marten Sinnema.
We hope to become the owner of a healthy foalin the end of February 2011, the same combination of 447 x Stendert Jasper366.

Willy Fins Succes

Willy fan Feanwalden, (Fridse 342 X Jasper 366) geb. 2007 was breed by Marten Sinnema out Veenwouden.(Provence Friesland, Holland)

Willy fan Feanwalden, is a daughter from Jildou, (Jasper 366 X Leffert 306) Jildou get a star in 2006.

Willy fan Feanwalden was sold as a foal to Juhani Salminen te Finland.

On 30 augustus 2009 get Willy fan Feanwalden, 1e premie at the keuring and she became the champion of the day.

We hope that Juhani Salminen get a lot of succes in the future, with this beautifull mare.

Yfke “f.e. Berkwert”

marten en haakje

Good results at the breedingday the Oldeholtpade at 15 augustus 2009. Yfke f.e. Berkwert she is only one of its group to 2 year 1e premie 1 A crowned.

By the youth she was reserve champion